Iron Creek’s expertise comes from field experience. Our technologies, patents, knowhow, and work methods, have all originated from “rolling up our sleeves”. We’ve kept our technologies as simple and robust as possible so that they can be mobilized to remote and challenging locations.
At the same time, our technologies are primarily designed around “thermal” treatment. In our opinion, thermal treatment is the only process that consistently delivers reliable and reproducible results.
We’ve never left a project unfinished yet we have performed cleanups that resulted from other company’s technological failures. These failures include soil washing, chemical oxidation, and bioremediation. While these technologies have performed well in many situations, they’re simply not reliable and consistent.
Iron Creek’s technology performs consistently in the field so that our clients are not at risk of wasting time, money, or reputation.


Oilfield Production Waste

Oil companies are growing to meet demand. They now have more oil rigs drilling than at any other time in history. It is typical for the drilling of a new well to produce ~1,500 tons of contaminated material. With more than 2,400 oil rigs drilling in the US alone, this equates to more than 3,000,000 tons of contaminated material. Iron Creek utilizes technologies that are designed to capture cuttings on-site, separate reusable materials, and recycle the remaining inert material as it is being generated.
The Iron Creek approach virtually eliminates the liabilities associated with transport and disposal of cuttings in landfill. Energy companies know that they are ultimately liable for the waste they landfill, regardless of any indemnification the landfills provide. They also understand the liabilities that come with waste hauling. Accidental spills are not positive publicity.
The Iron Creek approach eliminates the need for reserve pits and the associated expenses of building and maintaining the pit. Future liabilities are also eliminated because there is no waste left on-site. Iron Creek eliminates the need for energy companies to coordinate cuttings transport and disposal – a known challenge in severe climates such as the Bakken.

Oil & Fuel Spills

It’s inevitable; accidents occur and, in many instances, spills result. Iron Creek is able to respond with portable technologies capable of extracting and recovering the spilled materials.
As oil production increases in the U.S., the transportation infrastructure begins to feel the enormous strain with railroads and highways slammed with product movement.  Should an unfortunate spill occur, Iron Creek’s team is ready to respond with the best portable cleanup technologies available.
In 2013, railroads delivered 434,042 carloads of crude oil, an increase of 83 percent from 2012.
Three fiery derailments involving crude oil in the past year have caused increased concerns about these shipments.


Remote Cleanups

The Iron Creek team has been involved in a number of high-profile remediation projects in the most extreme locations around the world.  From the mangroves of Nigeria, to the frozen lands of the Arctic, our crews have experienced the extreme remote.
Our thermal technologies are able to be transported to locations that are problematic for conventional Thermal Desorption Units (TDU’s).